Picture Perfect Saturday #34 ~ The Hayes Sisters ~ Rachel, Ida, Sadie, & Rosie

I am currently working on my Family Genealogy Group page for Facebook. In doing so I realized I have a tremendous amount of photos. I decided to feature one a week. No, not everyone is “perfect” however, they are to me!

This week I am showcasing 4 of my paternal Great Aunts. Left to Right – Back Row: Rachel Minerva Hayes Relaford, Ida May Hayes Willard Front Row: Sadie L. Hayes Hughes, Rosa Lucille Hayes. The oldest is Ida (1884-1973), then Rachel (1889-1967), then Sadie (1891-1967), and last is Rosa (1901-1988).

These four women were very close and you can tell they are sisters at first glance. They had 21 children total with Rosa never getting married nor having any children. They were hard-working women, the 3 married ones were farmers wives and Rosa was a nurse. I love their floral dresses and their hairstyles. To me, they all look like they were the kind of women you would want to be friends with.

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