This Old House ~ Edward Morgan 1660-1736

Once again I was searching through my family trees and I noticed that there were quite a few photos of the homes that my ancestors had lived in. Some of them were built way back in the early 1600s. They varied in size, style, and construction material. They are all as equally unique as each of my ancestors!

The land upon which the Morgan Log House stands in Gwynedd, Pennsylvania, was deeded to the Commissioners of William Penn. It was granted as part of a 600 acre patent to a merchant named Griffith Jones on February 12, 1702. Six year later, on February 26, 1708, a Welshman named Edward Morgan, my 8th Great Grandfather, purchased 309 acres of land from Mr. Jones. In this transaction an existing “dwelling house” is recorded. Edward was a tailor by trade and was advanced in age. On August 23, 1723, Edward Morgan deeded 104 acres to his son John Morgan, my 7th Great Grandfather. This 104 acre tract included the land that contained the house.

This 1695 medieval, 2 1/2-story log house, the only one of its kind still surviving in America, was built by grandparents of Daniel Boone, the frontiersman, and forebears of General Daniel Morgan famed Revolutionary War “raider.”

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