Freaky Friday #9 ~ A Rose By Any Other Name

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Sometimes I am thankful that some of my “Genealogy Finds” are ones that no one else will find out about. At least not until I am gone, and they inherit all my research. Today I found a mistake in my paternal family tree. You could say it was an honest mistake on my part, but it was a mistake, nevertheless.

I must admit that lately, I have been busy taking care of my husband who has some major health problems. It has taken up almost all my normal research time. As a result, I have divided my trees into groups of ancestors so I can work on them more efficiently. So, with my “spare” time this morning, I decided to work on my Strother line.

Beverley Strother Randolph is my 4th cousin 4 times removed. Born July 17, 1851, and Beverley S Randolph HSdied February 5, 1929, I didn’t have much more information other than that about her! Image my surprise when I found her marriage information. According to her marriage license, Beverley married Mary Strother Jewett on April 20, 1882! I was so confused. After all, this was the 19th Century.

Upon further research, I discovered that Beverley was not a female as I had assumed. I  found the death registry and that cleared up my mistake. Just because he had a feminine sounding name, I had entered his gender wrong. I have heard of other males with this name, but it never struck me that this may be the case when I added him to the tree. After correcting his gender and finishing my other updates I began to wonder what other mistakes like this one have I made.Beverley S Randolph death registration 1

There are a lot of names that could be used for either gender. Take my name for instance. Here in the United States, Valerie is a feminine name, but in Russia, it is a male name. My youngest son’s name is Starr which can be used for either gender. Names like Chris, Angel, Terry or Kelly can also be for either one.

I guess now I should find the time to take a second look through my trees to make sure that I haven’t made this mistake anywhere else! This was definitely a “Freaky” Find.



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