Hometown Tuesday ~ Nelson County, Kentucky circa 1788

hometown tuesdaySamuel Chestnut was born in 1788 in what was to become Nelson Co., KY. His parents were William Gordon Chestnut and Sarah Graham. Although his Scottish-Irish ancestors are believed to have originally settled in Pennsylvania and Virginia sometime before the start of the Revolutionary War, a few ventured west into the State of Kentucky. He married into the neighboring Gum Family by marrying their daughter Rachel in December of 1807 in Madison County Kentucky. Samuel and Rachel eventually had seven children.

The State of Kentucky was founded in 1792. This county was sparsely populatedKentucky map with only a few towns. Most of the settlers of this area lived on farms far from any town. There was plenty of rich fertile land to grow their crops. Samuel and Rachel were very prosperous and it didn’t hurt that his father, who died in 1802, had left a sizable inheritance for him.

Samuel Chestnut war of 1812In 1812 the War broke out and Samuel enlisted in the Mounted Kentucky Volunteers. He had participated in the Battle of the Thames which was a big victory for Kentucky. He served in this unit until the end of the War. 

In 1832 Samuel made the trip into Manchester, Kentucky to buy supplies. He did this at least twice a year and he knew several of the townspeople. He stopped at a couple of stores before heading into the General Store. After gathering a few supplies he took them to the counter to pay for them. When he pulled out his coin purse he was jumped from behind, robbed and fatally stabbed. He was 44 years old. The man who killed him was never caught. 

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