Am I The Only One???

PonderingThose of us who have a passion for Family History know that there are never enough hours in the day to do the research we desire. We steal a few hours here and there as life allows. When we find a new document, photo or lead we happily follow it for as long as it takes. We happily follow any lead we can find.

I pulled a muscle in my back last week so I was confined to sitting forduh1 most of my days. I took advantage of my “misfortune” to delve into some of those annoying little leaves I have let build up on my page. Most of them are a dead end and very few belong to my family. Scrolling down the list, pushing the “ignore” button when a name I didn’t recognize appeared; Elizabeth Gorusch my 8 times Great Grandmother. The name was not even remotely familiar. She was born in England in 1607, came to America in 1623 and married my 8 times G-Grandfather William Powell in 1639. His name I recognized! I was feeling very stupid at this point. How could I not recognize the name of one of my direct ancestors?

To be honest, this isn’t the first time this has happened and not just with Direct Line female ancestors. There have been several times that a male ancestor’s name was foreign to me. I decided to do a little indirect research. I discovered the following:

How many ancestors do you have?

Parents 2

Grandparents 4

Great-Grandparents 8

2 nd Great-Grandparents 16

3 rd Great-Grandparents 32

4 th Great-Grandparents 64

5 th Great-Grandparents 128

6 th Great-Grandparents 256

7 th Great-Grandparents 512

8 th Great-Grandparents 1,024

9 th Great-Grandparents 2,048

10th Great-Grandparents 4,096

PREZI SKETCHESI suddenly felt smarter. I wasn’t a neglectful 8 times Great Granddaughter! I have 1,024 8 times Great Grandparents. There is no way I could know all their names. I don’t think I know even half of my 2 times Great Grandparents.

After this experience, I spent several hours following some of my lines back as far as I could, making notes on the names of the ones I don’t remember ever seeing before. Most of them had basic information and a couple of documents, but so much more research was needed.

The next time I have free time I now have uncharted territory to dive into. The question I have is:



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20 responses to “Am I The Only One???

  1. Oh yes, it’s happened to me, too. And not as far back as 8x great grandparent. I also have trouble keeping track of who belongs in my tree and who belongs in my husband’s. Too many people to keep track of!

  2. Hope you are doing better now, Valerie. I loved your ah-ha moment. It happens to all of us.

  3. All the time for me. I do my wife’s and my families Line. But it gets more complex as my wife and I are 10th and 8th cousins. I am very thankful for the software that can keep this all organized.

  4. Jana Last


    I want to let you know that your blog post is listed in today’s Genealogy Fab Finds post at

    Have a great weekend!

  5. You’re not alone Valerie. I keep my genealogy software open to check all the names that come up in hints.

  6. This happens all to often between everything else we juggle. I think we can give ourselves a pass on the occasional over sight.

  7. humblegenealogy

    Wow, take care of yourself and heal well.
    Now for the genealogy, I did that for 2 years not know ing what I didn’t know, LOL. Perhaps a list of last names either in a notepad on your computer desktop or a hardcopy notepad, so when you do have time to go through names, you can check a last name. But not to worry, you did find a connection and are able to go back and make the connection.
    Congratulations too!

  8. I can’t keep up up with all my grandmothers either! On another note, I started my family research because of a back injury and all the bed rest. You can only watch so Netfllix before going bonkers. I have also garnered a new talent; typing while lying flat on my back! Happy Hunting!

  9. elusiveancestor

    Thanks for your post…made me laugh…I think your 8x great grandparent would forgive you:)

  10. Nice post to read, I’ve only found one 8x great grandparent. I’m glad of my genealogy software otherwise I would struggle remembering which person fits where. Feel free to read my blog:

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